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Temperament for Fretted Instruments I
Temperament explained

Temperament for Fretted Instruments II
More Temperament explained

Gibson and Martin Scale Lengths Explained

Learn more about your fret spacing.

Collins Saddle Mill

Now shipping! See our products page for more information.

Gibson Plastic Bridge Replacement

Many vintage Gibsons that were originally equipped with genuine, imitation plastic bridges can be upgraded and often sound better as a result.

Basic Headstock Repair

Ann Arbor Guitars specializes in repairing broken headstocks and we have unique tooling as well to ensure that your instrument is repaired correctly.

Guitar Bench Control Switch

More unique and innovative thinking from Mr. Collins.

Yuck..... What Evil Lurks Beneath Your Frets....

Not for the faint at heart while eating breakfast.....

Guitar Electronics I - Potentiometer Values

Guitar Electronics II - Tone Controls

Guitar Electronics III - Volume Controls

Guitar Electronics IV - Treble Bleed

Guitar Electronics V - Output Loading/50’s Wiring

Guitar Electronics VI - Independant vs. Master Volume

Tone Capacitor Survey Review

Tone Capacitor Comparison Survey

Cold Bridge Removal

Watch David Collins use the latest in technology.... to remove a bridge with no heat! Kidding of course....